Eerie Sunset

Everyone was snapping up the sky in NYC the day after MJ passed...Never seen clouds like this.


6.25.09: Goodbye Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson passed away yesterday at the age of 50. His music will forever live in our hearts, and the following photos can attest to that.

While at Negril Village to cover an event, a car pulled up, blaring MJ's music...

An impromptu sing-along began...

Dancing ensued...

The crowd got bigger and spilled into the streets...

And grew...

Another view of what we call the "Michael Jackson Mobile"

The driver played "Thriller" and the masses started dancing like zombies in the street...

The joy of listening to MJ's music and dancing together as one in honor of him lifted our hearts and made us smile.

A girl started dancing on a car...

Later, I ran into a friend who bought this shirt on 125th St.

Stopped by Times Square, and noticed that Madame Tussaud's wax museum had put the MJ statue in the window.

Marquee at B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill.




I wouldn't want to eat this. It's too beautiful to mess up. What's more beautiful is the fact that a man prepared this meal. Kudos to Ness of Aalikes!


Obama Bucks

Now we've all seen our fair share of Obama paraphernalia, but I think this one takes the cake. As seen in perfume stand on 149th St. and 3rd Ave. in the Bronx. Selling for $18:


Theophilus x Theophilus

Theophilus London & Theo! at Electric Punnany @ Sway - 1.26.09



Shot these from my window yesterday, and tweaked them a little, just to bring out the colors. Just a bit a contrast here and brightness there.

Nella De La Ville: A Photo Blog

I've always wanted to do a photo blog. I am a photographer, after all. But when I first started, I was afraid to share my photos with the world. However, I've gotten so much encouragement and great feedback over the past year that I feel I'm finally ready to give it a shot.

So this will probably be the most writing you'll ever see on this blog. Strictly photos. Maybe a wee bit of explanation wherever necessary. I took on the name Nella De La Ville (Nella from the City, literally) for this side project because these photos will show you my perspective of my city, New York City. But the tags say EMA Photography because, well, that's ME! Just to clear up the confusion...

If you would like to use any photos posted for CD's, flyers, desktop backgrounds, etc., please contact me at ema.photography@yahoo.com and I can send you a hi-res version.

So with that being said, enjoy. Comment whenever you feel the urge to do so...

Nella De La Ville.